Border Security

We are grateful for President Trump’s work in securing our borders. As your Representative, Adrienne will fight alongside the President in ensuring our communities are safe and our borders are secure. She will support our Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and ensure those who travel here legally have the opportunity to go through the immigration process efficiently and successfully.

Economic Development

Maine’s economy focuses heavily on trade and exports of our goods and natural resources. In 2018, Maine exported $1.5 billion in goods to Canada and Mexico, from fish and marine resources to oil and natural gas. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is a crucial agreement that President Trump has successfully negotiated. Adrienne fully supports this agreement and will fight for more economic successes and trade agreements like it in the House of Representatives.

Investing in Rural Infrastructure

Broadband has quickly gone from a luxury to a necessity for success in today’s economy. There are too many underserved areas in Maine without proper infrastructure to support the broadband capabilities we must have for our small businesses, school systems and various industries. Adrienne will be on the front lines fighting for more federal funding and more public-private partnerships to bring middle- and last-mile projects to Maine.

2nd Amendment

As a member of the NRA and a gun owner, Adrienne values the Second Amendment. She will protect and defend our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. We are seeing radical attempts from fringe elements of the left to fundamentally control our freedom to own a gun. We need a fighter in the House to make sure our liberties are protected.


Protecting the life of the unborn is one of Adrienne’s top priorities. Every day we see new attempts from the left to expand abortion to radical limits, even up to the moment of birth. These are not our values. Life begins at conception and we need a representative in Congress who will stand up for our beliefs and protect those most vulnerable. Adrienne will be there for us and for the unborn.


Our healthcare system is broken. Obamacare has caused healthcare costs to skyrocket and healthcare services to diminish in both quality and access. And the radical government takeover of healthcare being touted by our Democrat presidential candidates today is downright dangerous for Maine families. Adrienne will be an advocate for reforms that will bring competition into the healthcare market to bring down costs and increase access for all Mainers.

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