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Adrienne Bennett grew up in the small town of Troy, in rural Waldo County, Maine. Raised by a single mother, she was hardened to hardship by the trappings of rural poverty. Adrienne’s home had no indoor plumbing, unfinished walls, a vinyl mattress from a van that served as her bed, and a loft above a ladder that served as her bedroom. She went next door to her neighbors each day for drinking water and saw her mother’s dependence on welfare. At school, the bullying she endured taught her the cruel lesson that her life wasn’t normal. It soon became clear that if things were to change, it would be up to her. So Adrienne started standing up for herself and for other underdog kids. She resolved that her family’s past would not be her future.

When her mother moved away before her high school graduation, Adrienne finished school and immediately enrolled at the University of Maine at Orono. She scrapped and saved to move her life forward, working entry level media jobs and even as a freelance DJ at weddings and events. She later earned a degree from the New England School of Communications. Starting a family in Freedom, Maine, Adrienne wanted to set an example that her daughter could be proud of. Becoming a success wasn’t a choice, it was something she had to do.

Adrienne spent the better part of a decade at WABI Channel 5 in Bangor, rising through the ranks from executive producer to videographer to Central Maine Bureau Chief. She became immersed in the world of politics, a subject absent from her childhood home life. It was at WABI where she found that her experiences and upbringing drew her to the conservative cause. She saw how welfare dependence sapped the motivation from her household. Through education and work, she experienced the pride and dignity that can only come from individual initiative backed by economic opportunity. And with that personal growth, she found God early in her adult life.

In 2010, Adrienne accepted an offer from newly-elected Governor Paul R. LePage to serve as his Press Secretary. She embraced the opportunity to spread LePage’s commonsense message of economic growth and fiscal responsibility. Adrienne bonded with the governor over their shared experience of a difficult childhood. She served as Press Secretary until 2017 and remains immensely proud of her role in helping Governor LePage move Maine forward by reforming welfare, paying off the state’s debt to Maine hospitals, cutting taxes and regulations, and shaking up the politics-before-people culture of Augusta.

Since leaving the Governor’s Office, Adrienne has worked as Vice President of a Maine bank and director at the state Department of Labor. She enjoys passing on life’s lessons to her beloved daughter, Katie, a star high school athlete and currently a student at Southern Maine Community College. Adrienne is committed to physical fitness and loves to run, bike, and participate in CrossFit workouts. She loves Maine—its rugged and beautiful landscapes; its honest and hardworking people—and she is committed to serving her community and state.

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