Adrienne Bennett Calls on Janet Mills to Lift Mask Order

June 25, 2020

BANGOR, ME – Adrienne Bennett, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, Maine District 2, is calling for Governor Janet Mills to lift the executive order requiring Mainers to wear masks in public following the publication by the Bangor Daily News of a viral photo showing Mills violating that order during a visit last week to Stonington Ice Cream Company.

Janet Mills’ inconsistency is destroying the livelihoods of Mainers. She is a threat to our state’s recovery from the pandemic,” Bennett said. “Governor Mills is just another career politician who believes the rules should apply to everyone but herself.”

Tell Mills to lift the Mask Order

The photo was also shared on Facebook on June 24 by Adrienne Bennett for Congress, criticizing Mills for violating her own order while threatening Mainers with up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine for the same offense.

It is time to lift the order, remove the penalties, and stop the fear. If Governor Mills will not hold herself to the standard she has unilaterally imposed on Mainers, then she has lost all legitimacy,” Bennett said.

Despite false claims on social media that the photo may have been doctored or was from a prior summer, The Bangor Daily News has confirmed that the photo was taken last week and posted to social media on Saturday.

The photo shows a mask-less Governor Mills outside a Stonington, Maine ice cream shop, posing for a photo less than 6 feet from an unidentified young woman, smiling as she violates her own social distancing order.

Bennett added, “I will always fight to expose career politicians who say one thing and do another. Governor Mills has inserted government control into every aspect of Maine life, meanwhile she has been one of the least transparent Governors in the country.”

Earlier this year, Governor Mills was also widely criticized for violating Freedom of Access laws by illegally holding closed briefings with the Legislature.

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